With the weather in the cooler 70s for the wonderful state of Texas, people are enjoying their outdoor living space even more. This means that probably now more than ever you want the fall garden to look nice. Now is the perfect time to spruce up your garden into a more inviting space with beautiful flowers or veggies. It can be more to match the season or even plants that can handle the warmer weather just around the corner. No matter what you choose to include in the garden, here are a few ways you can design that perfect oasis.

  • Layers: If you have a smaller garden or want to make use of space you have, adding layers is the best option. It’s not only a great way to add depth to the area, but it gives you the opportunity to have even more flowers. You can play with types of plants, colors, and more.
  • Edible: If you want your landscape to have more function fill it with delicious vegetables, herbs, and other edible plants. What’s even better is that you’ll know exactly where your produce is coming from. If you don’t want it filled strictly with edible plants, mix in your favorite non-edible ones. This is where the layered garden would be helpful.
  • Bloomers: Think about what’s popular for the season, especially if they’re annual flowers. You’re able to change them out more giving your garden a brand new look each season. You can also have a mixture of annuals and perennials too!
flower bed