Have you ever wanted to have some birds and various insects such as bees or butterflies visiting your garden? A pollinator garden is your answer! It’s terrific for the environment because this garden’s primary job is to attract insects and birds to the flowers you have planted. You’re helping give a healthy habitat for these graceful creatures. While this garden takes some planning to ensure your visitors are comfortable, the pay off is well worth it! Here’s how you can get your pollinator garden started.

Planning out your Garden

  • The location of your garden is essential. Depending on which creatures you want to attract, you need to plan your garden to make it comfortable for them.
    • For example, butterflies enjoy being in the sun as do the flowers they pollinate.
  • Figure out which type of soil you have and how much sunlight the area gets.
white flowers

Bridal Wreath

butterfly on a purple flower


  • Choose the right plants. You’ll need to research what type of flowers can thrive in the kind of soil and with the amount of sunlight your area has. Also, keep in mind the variety of creatures you want visiting.
  • How young do you want your plants? Do you want to watch them grow from seeds, or do you want established plants? One isn’t superior to the other, so it comes down to how much time you have to watch the plants grow as well as your budget. You can even have a combination of plants and seeds to jumpstart your garden.
Red Hot Poker Flower Plant

Red Hot Poker

Get started with your garden

  • After you’ve determined where you’re planting, you need to prep the area. You might want to do this yourself, especially if it’s a smaller garden, or it can be something you can discuss with a landscaping company.
light purple flowers

Desert Willow

small red flowers

Canna Lily

  • After you add nutrient-rich soil, the new plants or seeds can be added. Seeds need time to germinate and establish themselves into the ground. Planting seeds will not be instant gratification like potted flowers will be, but they will still look gorgeous when the seeds are developing into flowers.
  • Once everything has been planted, all that’s needed is watering the new seeds or plants as directed, keep out any weeds, and watch the plants grow. Within a couple of seasons, you’ll start seeing bees, butterflies, and other pollinators visiting your home.
purple flowers


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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