There are a variety of christmas tree options you have for the holidays. Whether you cut your tree down, or buy a fake, your Christmas tree is used for a few weeks out of the year, then put away or discarded. We have an idea for a new tradition, however. A potted Christmas tree. Not only will it last longer through the season, you can replant your tree after the holidays! This is a great way to commemorate your first Christmas tree as a couple, your child’s first tree, your first house, and so on. Here are a few tips to keep your tree alive to last long after Christmas!

● Planning it out: There are so many trees to choose from, you have to determine which type of tree will work best for you. If you’re planning on planting the tree, you can easily narrow down your selection. Depending on the area you live in, you might want a specific type of tree, so it matches the rest of the surroundings.

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● Get Digging: You won’t be planting the tree right away, but plan where you want it to go after the holidays. It’s best to dig the hole for your tree now, so it will be easier to plant later. Fill the hole with mulch so you can keep its place, and avoid potential injury situations.

● Temperature Change: Depending on the temperature around the holidays, usually, a tree can be inside for 7 to ten days at most. If you keep your home at a warm temperature, the tree will become accustomed to it. When it eventually gets planted outside, if there is a drastic temperature drop, the tree will not acclimate well to its new home.

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● Freshness Matters: Applying an anti-desiccant spray will add a waxy coating to the tree to help keep moisture in. 

● Get to Watering: When you get the tree home, put it in a waterproof container. Make sure the pot has about 1 to 2 inches of water in it, and when it feels dry, add some crushed ice over to help add some moisture again.

● Decorating Fun: Decorate as much as you want but be careful with it. Keep it away from places that could dry it out, such as heaters, the sun, or drafty areas. Avoid the standard string lights because the heat of the bulbs can dry out the leaves or needles of the tree. Instead, get LED lights that are a lower wattage.

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