Landscape Management

We provide a Partners Approach with our customers. So we recognize the property we are servicing is a significant asset within an investment portfolio. Additionally, we see our job is to maintain and enhance the value of that property over time. Through face-to-face discussions with property management and a proactive effort, we will be able to deliver a better result than when we began our service.

Maintenance Specialists

Our capabilities include:

  • Turf
  • Bed
  • Shrub & Groundcover
  • Ornamental tree pruning & raising
  • Ice Melt Application
  • Pesticide Applications
  • Drainage repair
  • Erosion repair

  • Additional Grass, Leaf & Debris Removal & Disposal
  • Pre & Post Emergent Applications, turf, beds, & softscapes

  • Irrigation Inspections

  • Property Inspections & Reports
  • Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Communication
  • Scalping | Winter Rye
  • Sucker Growth Removal
  • Turf Aeration
  • Tree trimming / pruning
  • Tree removal

We are dedicated to providing you with high-quality landscaping services, whatever your needs are. Call us today to discuss how we can be of help.

We Have You Covered

Working with Land Care, we will make a difference in the appearance and management of your property. Furthermore, our extensive list of services combined with our knowledge and experience will ensure a consistent result. Additionally, we are committed to intelligent customer service that exceeds customer expectations and want to assist you lowering costs with new technology available today. So your day to day activities are over committed – let us take care of your property so you can work on driving operational results management and investors are desiring.

We’re Here to Help

Our landscaping services team is here to help, whether you need design assistance, a new outdoor space installed, or want a reliable team that will maintain your property year-round. Above all, we’ve built a reputation for excellence by making sure that every one of customers is proud of the way their property looks and is completely satisfied with the work that we do for them. So, call us today and let us come out and discuss your landscaping services needs.

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