Not everyone has the luxury and privilege of a large yard, but that doesn’t mean that your outdoor space is hopeless. Imagine the possibilities of small-space landscaping with your Land Care Landscape Management!


Raise the of your small backyard – literally. Instead of only using the workspace at ground level, install a fence or pergola to anchor your new vertical points. On a fence, a quick search online gives inspiration to vertical gardens and planters for flowers and food alike. Instead of cluttering your floor space, open it up by adding color where you least expect it.

small space gardening

The criss-cross wooden beams of a pergola are great for hanging lights, hanging flower pots, and even vine fruit-like grapes. Plenty of flowers, herbs, and veggies can be grown in small spaces that will transform any gray, urban backyard into a lush paradise full of greenery.


Find balance in your outdoor space by mixing grass and a brand new patio for a balance of sturdy, flat surfaces for a dining and sitting area and enough grass to sink your toes into and relax. How much grass you want in your backyard will largely be determined by the expected space constraints and how much maintenance you’re willing to do. Regardless, you’re probably not going to need to use a lawnmower!

Returning to the idea of verticality, build upwards for layout – many project inspirations have added produce and flower boxes while also making use of storage and even encasing a hot tub with brand new decking that is the height of space of efficiency. Thanks to our expert design skills, Land Care Landscape Management can help advise you on a no-wasted space design that’s clean-cut and looks great!


Crucial to design and for maximum enjoyment of your outdoor space, add a place to sit or eat. Rustic furniture doesn’t have to be expensive – search estate sales and yard sales for metal and wooden furniture that will be resistant to the weather, but be careful not to purchase bulky items. In small spaces, you’ll want sleek, uncluttered designs to maximize space. Remember – the illusion of space with smart designs will make the biggest impact in your small-space oasis!

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