Are you struggling with what exactly you want to do with your outdoor living space? Living in Texas means you’re able to enjoy being outside throughout the year, so why not give yourself the ideal spot to relax. In fact, look at your lawn as if it’s a blank canvas, with a lot of opportunities. No matter how big the yard is, you’ll be able to upgrade it into the perfect outdoor living lounge using fire pits, fountains, etc. your family will appreciate it over and over again. Here are just a few favorites.

outdoor living area

• Patios: The best way to expand your outdoor living space is to add in a patio. It can be as big or small as you need it, depending on the type of entertaining you’d want to do or how you see yourself using it. It’s the perfect space to lounge outside and also the perfect place for an outdoor picnic. It can have an outdoor kitchen set up as well as a roof or other coverage to protect you from the hot sun or the rain.

• Fire Pits: Fire pits have a way of bringing an outdoor space together. It can be a traditional wood-burning pit where you set it up yourself, or it can be automatic using gas or propane. Whatever you choose, fire pits are always a favorite.

• Fountains or Ponds: Water features create a calm environment. Ponds, fountains, waterfalls, or a combination of the three provide you a relaxing space. The best thing about the water features is that you’re able to have small fish or other living organisms in your pond, which can be exciting to watch grow.

• Privacy: No matter what you’re doing outside, whether it’s taking time for yourself or socializing with friends, you want to feel safe in your own space. With your outdoor living space, you can create a safe environment with fences, lattice, thick vines, or other privacy barriers.

outside gazebo with fireplace