One of the best gardens you’ll ever see is one you don’t have to plant. Texas has beautiful wildflowers, and you can find them year-round. They are bright, vibrant flowers that litter the sides of highways and meadows all over the state. You might even have some on your property without realizing it! Here are just a few of their names, including our very own state flower. Let us know which ones are your favorites.

Bluebonnet: Also known as the Lupinus Texenis and the State Flower of Texas. These flowers start blooming in early spring. The Big Bend bluebonnet can be seen as early as January.

Texas Bluebonnets
red wildflower blooms

Indian Paintbrush: Also known as Castilleja Spp. blooms in the early spring. It has a gorgeous color variation of yellow, orange, cream, and even purple occasionally. It gets its name because the petals look as if they’ve been dipped in paint waiting to touch the canvas.

Indian Blanket: Also known at Gaillardia Pulchella or a firewheel. The colorful flowers will start springing up in April and will last until June. They’ll be easy to spot with their vibrant color combinations of orange, red, and yellow mimicking a woven fabric.

Macro of cockade flowers
phlox Drummond

Drummond Phlox: Also known as Phlox Drummondil or wild pholx. This beautiful red flower is in masses on the roadside of south Central Texas around sandy post-oak woods. They bloom in early spring. While red is the most common color, you might be able to see variations of pink, blue, and purple.

Pink Evening Primrose: Also known as Oenothera Speciosa or buttercup. This is another flower that blooms from April to June in mainly the northern portions of Texas. This flower will open at dusk withering as the day progresses. It will die each night and be replaced by new blossoms.

Mexican Evening Primrose Flowers