2020 has been a fairly mild winter all across the country. Texas hardly even has what most of the north would call “winter” but even with a more mild winter, temperatures can still plummet, effectively ending the season for your garden and other plants. A milder winter means your foliage will begin to bloom sooner than usual and will need extra, expedient maintenance and attention. When the spring and summer seasons are in full swing, you will appreciate the extra time this light winter provided you to get your property up to the new 2020 standards. Not only is lawn maintenance important, but so is decoration. A healthy lawn is great, but this year let’s adorne our homes with a beautiful new aesthetic, inside and out.

What to Do To Keep Up With The Growing Trends of 2020 1

Covered Pergolas – This beautiful architectural feature is something that if you have been thinking about installing, is now the time to pull the trigger. The visual enhancement a pergola can add to your exterior entertainment space is huge! The ability to have modern amenities, at close proximity, while spending time outdoors is becoming more and more desired. With a pergola you get not only the trendy look of a covered space, but a cozy indoor experience while still being outside ready to enjoy nature. With how hot our Texas summers get, an oasis in the shade is an essential addition to any property.

Low Maintenance Lawn – With increased rainfall instead of snow fall, topsoil is eroding quickly. The United Nations Food & Agricultural Organization claims topsoil, as needed, could be gone by 2050 if such rainfall continues. What can be done to still have a beautiful and lush yard, without damaging the soil or surrounding environment, is install a various array of natural and artificial decorations which take little upkeep and displace minimal soil. 2020 is the year to show off your personality, so if you like it, install it! Instead of a small walkway with an expanse of grass surrounding it, install an elegant hardscaped path to your front door. Perhaps the addition of statues, patios, or small shrubs, is the direction you are choosing to go. All of these options are going to keep your property easily maintainable and at the forefront of the 2020 trends.

Blue – Blue. The color of 2020 landscape design. Charge up your design with the electric coloration of indigos, blues, and periwinkle. Adding paint, plants and standalone features of these color schemes will take your property from yesteryear and plug it right into the modern design times. When in doubt, blue it up!

What to Do To Keep Up With The Growing Trends of 2020 2
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Keeping A Year Round Style – Certain features can add a great look to your property all year long. Evergreen trees, statues, firepits, rock walls, gates, hardscapes, etc; the possibilities are endless. Not only are these additions pleasing to look at during the summer, but they require almost no attention during the winter. Having a yard that keeps its aesthetic all year long is sure to make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

With these tips we hope to steer you in the direction of a more enjoyable, environmentally conscious, and visually stimulating lawn. The trends of 2020 are growing as rapidly as our lawns in this warm weather, so be sure to check back to keep up with each new trend as it blooms.