When it comes to landscaping trends, your first thought might shift towards projects for your backyard. And while our team at Land Care Landscape Management can gladly work with you on that, we wanted to also focus on the commercial aspect of landscaping. When it comes to running a business, first impressions count. Being able to set the tone for future clients and employees is key, and a great way to do this is by focusing on your office’s landscaping. You want to be with the times but are unsure of what is in and what is not. Have no fear, as we are here to provide you with some crazes that will elevate your business. Here are three commercial landscaping trends to try for 2023.

Take Work Outdoors

With it being summer, sometimes stepping outside of the office setting to bask in the warm weather can make someone’s day. But what if your employees had the opportunity to stay outside for as long as they want while still getting work done? By installing outdoor work areas, your team will have the ability to work wherever they please and do so in comfort. This is a great way to boost morale and gives employees the freedom to step in and out as they please.

Remain Sustainable

As a growing trend for some time now, making a constant effort toward being sustainable is a great way to help the environment around you. And it can be done in style, too, as adding in flowers that require low amounts of water to survive can create a colorful arrangement for your business. Reducing your carbon footprint is an amazing way to help out the world.

Get Green With Your Roofs and Walls

Green roofs and walls are when you add different types of plants and greenery to a building. Beyond the stylish look of this trend, you can also expect to see an overall better quality of air and a decrease in your energy bills. This also can help with maintaining your office’s internal temperature and decreasing the runoff from stormwater.

Regardless of which trend interests you most, these are all effective ways to improve your commercial landscaping to make the best first impression possible. To add any of these trends to your business, head over to our contact page to get in touch with our team today!

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